Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday, December 8th

LGBT Issues in Comics

Northstar to officially get a boyfriend (plus a little somethin' somethin')

Tim Fish Draws Northstar

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and Batwoman Collide


Gluey Tart: The Wallflower

Marvel's Secret War on Women

Revealed: Marvel Comics Secret War on Women

Secret War on Women? It's about as secret as the actual Secret War.

Marvel's Misogyny and the Comic Book Microcosm


Comic books and Jewish Roots- Esther the superheroine

Gary Concord, Lady's Man

Race in Comics

Your Recommendations: The PoC edition

Even More Amazing

Supergirl/Power Girl

Helen Slater is Still "Super"

Power Girl

Amanda Conner's Power Girl Girl Power

Women and Gender in Comics

Sensor Girl's Redesign: Ban This Sick Filth!

What, no crying?

Batman: The Cat and Bat

So Calling Me Her Boyfriend Is Probably Super Premature

blaaaa comics and stufffff

Steph Wiki Two Year Anniversary

She Has No Head!- Awesome Women in Comics Holiday List 2009

Oct 29: Violent Women in Comics Part 3: Hothead Paisan Hommicidal Lesbian Terrorist

It Came from NYPL: Dignifying Comics: Stories About Women Scientists

Wonder Woman

DCU in 2010: Wonder Woman #600

DC's New Years Resolutions Day 2: Find 600 Candles, Send Clark Kent to War