Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday December 5th

Female Force:
End of Days: Comics on The View

Ellen DeGeneres to get Female Force biography

My Life is Choked with Comics #19b: Manga

Good Sex In Comics: Doin' It Well

Muslim comics superheroes battle radical Islam

Three questions I had after reading Icon: A Hero's Welcome

Not comics but probably relevant to our interests:
7 Threatened Fanboy Responses to New Moon

Is Hollywood Afraid To Let Women Be Physically Strong?

Power Girl:
The name says girl, but the costume says woman!

On Jen Van Meter's Power Girl

Jen Van Meter responds to comments on that Power Girl/Cyclone scene

"Yes, But How Do You Feel About Power Girl's Tits?"

Rings and retail:
Don't Be That Guy: Blackest Night Edition

Stay classy, comic store guy

Women and gender in comics:
A girl at the 1978 comic-con

Mother/Daughter Review: ChocoMimi Volumes 1-2

Mike Carey on the Magneto/Rogue relationship

The Big Skinny

It Came From the NYPL: Dignifying Comics: Stories about Women Scientists

The Color of Earth, The Color of Water, The Color of Heaven

Hope Larson: Better Than Boobs

Yen Press to 're-imagine' Gossip Girl as manga

She-Hulk is my Mary Sue

Are You A Total Creep?

Abhay Wrote a Quick Description of Dark Reign: The List -- X-Men #1, For No Reason

Comics, world: Still chilly to women

Women in comics [La Perdida and Persepolis]

Saturday Pull – Girl Power Edition

Ethics: "A Comic of One's Own"

Sexy’s Back


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