Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Special "Girl Comics" Edition Post!

The comics blogosphere seems to really like this topic, so it's getting its own post!

Exclusive: Marvel announces GIRL COMICS

Girl Comics

What If…Women Could Write and Draw Comics?

Marvel’s Girl Comics Announced

Marvel to publish Girl Comics anthology next year

And lo, there came… GIRL COMICS

Marvel introduces "Girl Comics"

Girl, you know it's true.

Of course She-Hulk is stronger than Iron Man. But there's no way she woulda beat The Hulk.

Comics Interweb - You Have The Ability To Inspire Great Joy

Marvel Announces Comics For Girls By Girls

Marvel to publish 'Girl Comics'

Girl Comics

Marvel announces “Girl Comics”, target comic audience still male

Marvel Announces Girl Comics

Marvel announces Girl Comics!

Marvel Announces Girl Comics

Girl Comics

New Women's Anthology

Gambling 101

Marvel announces GIRL COMICS!

Marvel Announces Comics For Girls By Girls

In reading a lot reactions to the "Girl Comics" announcement...