Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec. 17, and yes, more Girl Comics

Oh yes, the world has more to say about Girl Comics, but this post isn't entirely devoted to the topic.


Marvel in 2010: finally getting a fucking clue?

What's in a name? The return of Girl Comics

The editor in charge of GIRL COMICS...

Girl Comics

GIRL COMICS: Will we ever, ever learn?

Marvel's 'Girl Comics' Coming In March

 'Girl Comics' is not just for girls... 

Marvel Responds to Sexism Charges with “Girl Comics”

Once again, "The Beat" misses the point by about a mile

No one cares about Girl Comics

Marvel's War On Women Continues With... wait for it... GIRL COMICS!

Girl Comics, Marvel Comics' Comics by Girls for Girls

The Wash: 12/16/09

So, yes, you’ve heard of this Girl Comics thing

two comic book items of note  

Marvel Announces Girl Comic Series

Marvel Comics is Girl Comics!

Marvel’s Girl Comics: Gimmick or Gift?

Girl Comics

Women’s Fantasies Made Real

Using a Band-Aid to cover a cannon ball wound

Marvel announces GIRL COMICS

What’s in a name?

Critical Links – Girls read comics?


The Times' Manohla Dargis on women in Hollywood: "Women are starved for representations of themselves"

Star Trek Stops Women From Becoming Computer Scientists

Women in comics:


Coming out in Comics - Buffy Summers

Black Widow & the Marvel Girls #1 (of 4)

A review a day: Beast

Comically Challenged: Power Girl #7

Games and discrimination

Power Girl: “They ain’t looking at my face.”

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