Thursday, March 12, 2009


EDITED TO ADD: In case you found this through a search engine or missed the posts after it, the position's been filled. Thank you to all who showed interest and for all the kind words in the comments! --R.

Hello, Readers of When Fangirls Attack.

Those of you who still follow this linkblog may have noticed a sharp decline in the quality and quantity of posting here on WFA. Anna's always great manga posts are the notable exception, but sadly, she can't carry the weight for all of us.

The truth is that real life got in the way and got in the way hard, and we've come to some unpleasant truths. There's no way we can keep this linkblog going.

We're sentimental types though, and we like to think that WFA serves a purpose in the fan community. We'd like to see it continue and regain some of the relevance it had previously.

That's why I'm posting. We're looking for someone/some people who are interested in taking over WFA.

Please note that if you are interested and do agree to take on WFA, you would have carte blanche over the blog. Ragnell and I have no interest in being overseers or managers. If you take over WFA, you're taking it over completely. Which means you would be free to make any changes to our policies, scope, subject matter that you feel is necessary or desirable.

If you're interested, please message Ragnell at:


L said...

I've been following this blog for a relatively short period of time but non the less I want to thank you for the continuous effort all of you made. I've learned a great deal from the links you provided.
Before I started reading When Fangirls Attack I was content with being a girl. Now I'm proud I'm one.

Jamie Jeans said...

I am sorry to hear about this. I;ve learned so much through readingf the various posts here on WFA.

I wish you both the best in your real lives.

Take care and good luck.

Scott (The Mad Thinker) Anderson said...

I look at it as good news that you are busy in your real lives, so congrats on that.

And now I'll take my rightful place a ruler of this blog!

Saranga said...

Thanks for all your hard work in keeping the blog running as long as it has been.

Amy Reads said...

Thank you, Kalinara and Ragnell, for your dedication and service. Best of luck with your work and schooling.
Amy (Reads)