Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday March 20th

Women In Comics!

How to use sexism to defeat sexism...

How NOT To Talk About Domestic Violence

A Batwoman Timeline

Q&A: Comic Artist Jolene Nenibah Yazzie

Roundtable: Tough cookies we love

Barbara Gordon to Return as Batgirl

I'm not actually calling Brian K. Vaughan sexist, read to the end

March is Women's History Month

Big Damn Heroines

About feminism more than comics - but I need concrete examples, I can't think in the abstract

Pat’s First Online Rant: I Am Officially Done With Heroes (aka F This Show)

Michelle Obama - Comic Book Heroine?

A Story From This Past Weekend At All-Con.

Something I noticed in the new Birds of Prey trade...

Scarlett Takes Manhattan

Can a Christian lesbian Latina superhero save us?

And speaking of that CNN piece...

She’s come a long way, baby, since her wrestling days

Oracle #1 Preview

Why Can’t We “Heroine Up!”?

Living in the Heart of Kitty Pryde

Q & A 22: Who is your favorite non-superhero character in a superhero book?


Ladies and Gentlemen - GenderFail

My Watchmen Review (SPOILERS)

Watch Men save the planet

Stop Hating On Malin Ackerman!

Thoughts On Watchmen: The Movie


Wonder Woman review

I Don't Care How Animated You Are, You Still Can't Wear the Venus Girdle

You Still Can't Wear the Venus Girdle, But Maybe You Can Hold It for a While

Wonder Woman: All That and an Invisible Jet


Also possibly of interest: Avatar Gets Bent - The Whitewashing of Avatar: The Last Airbender

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