Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday March 26

Review: Best of Golden Age Sheena Vol. 2

Manhunter is BACK!

Stop Hating on Laurie Juspeczyk! (Female Characters Roundtable Part 1)

Palin comic lacks 'Force' needed for great graphic novel

Can we stop pretending all comic book stores are now awesome?

Moore Girls (Female Characters Roundtable 1b)

Women of Marvel collection

The Webcomic Overlook #75: Evil Diva

I hate hate hate misogyny in Wonder Woman comics

Lady Blackhawk is going to die

A new hero is born

Stan Lee Presents: Welcome to the Babe-o-Dome (FCR part 2)

R.I.P Anne Cleveland

Dinah's not homophobic, Ollie!

This Trope Has Got To Stop

The Cure

Oracle #1 - Battle for the Cowl - A Review

Review: Oracle #1

Okay, so I can't *not* talk about it

Oracle: The Cure #1

Dollhouse, Rape Culture, and Women in Refrigerators

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - I'm a feminist blogger in a couple of different places and I would love to see some of my articles make the rolls here.

I'm a really huge Harley Quinn fan and take a very strong stance in defending/exploring the character regularly over at my blog here:

One in particular is this:

Further to this, I have just begun a new blog project to explore the depiction of sex workers in popular cultre from a geek feminist perspective:

Hoping these will make it to the lists in the future! :)