Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Up And Running!

Hello everyone! This is our first post, put together by myself (Caitlin) and Maddy. It covers some backlog as well as news surrounding the Watchmen movie and Wonder Woman animated movie. Enjoy!


Because I Say So: ism is Bad...

Just Past the Horizon: The male space is just better hidden

Digital Femme: Black Women in Comics: Pt 3?

The Hooded Utilitarian: That's not Truth OOCWVG 9

Pennydrdful: Literary Kerfuffle

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary: Superman/Supergirl Maelstrom #1

Maid of Might: Why I won't be buying SUPERMAN/SUPERGIRL: Maelstrom

Comic Culture Warrior: Women in Comics

Atop the Fourth Wall: Double Feature! (Wonder Woman overview)

Atop the Fourth Wall: Amazons Attack #1 and #2

Atop the Fourth Wall: Amazons Attack #3 and #4

CyberNev Sundays: Fangirls! Attacking! Rar!


The Guardian: Sarah Palin Graphic Biography

Writes Like She Talks:Female Force Comics: Michelle Obama out in April, Clinton, Palin sold out


Punk Ass Blog: Who Watches the Watchmen?

Pai: Who Watches the Watchmen? (Spoilers)

Catseatdogs: I Watch the Watchmen. But do I like what I see?

Merry Swankster: Who do the Watchmen listen to?

Feminists SF: I will not die for your amusement.

Occupation-Girl: Watchmen

Trouble is a State of Mind: Who Watches the Watchmen? Apparently, Women do!

An Open Letter from WATCHMEN Screenwriter David Hayter

Fandom_Wank: He was also responsible for doing the voice of Solid Snake

Shakesville: Culture: Watchmen edition


Comic Book Resources: Wonder Woman: Virgina Madsen

Robot 6: y Amazons Ahoy! A Review of the New Wonder Woman Animated Movie

Adventures of Comic Book : A very comic booky weekend!

Adventures of Comic Book : Okay, having seen the Wondy Movie.


Scottyquick: Random thoughts on the WW Animated Movie

And to your left...:Wonder Woman, the Animated Movie

Wired: Review Animated Wonder Woman plays Card

Comics Worth Reading: Wonder Woman (the DVD Movie)

Film.com: Wonder Woman DVD Movie More Woman and Less Wonder

Hobo Trashcan: Review-Wonder Woman

noscans_daily: Christwire Reviews Wonder Woman

noscans_daily: assuming anyone has seen it yet...

noscans_daily: Review of WW Animated film. Warning SPOILERS

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Welcome to the new team members! I loved this blog and looking forward to reading it

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