Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday, April 30

Review: Supergirl #40: Superwoman Revealed!

Supergirl #40: Jamal Igle’s Costume Changes

Harley Quinn: Costume of Win!

Comics Culture Warrior

Check out the Pretty!

Full of Pryde

On Topic

Please Don’t Disturb My Complacency!

Whatever Happened to All the Heroes, All the Shakespearos?

Girl Scouts Have a Comics Badge!

Ervin Anderson needs to get out of the house more

I’m actually really looking forward to Marvel Divas

Review: Water Baby

Christan Beranek’s Life of High Adventure #5: Web of Love Free Comic Book Day Edition

Ivory Madisons “The Huntress’

Comic Book Pajama Party (2004)

The Phantom Lady Proves Wertham Right

Merciful Minerva! I have the rage of Ares! Bad me!

People Hate Me! They Really Hate Me!

Bound to Blog: Wonder Woman #5

Only One Can Wear the Pointy Ears

Bound for Glory

CyberNev Sundays: Wonder Boy, All the World is Waiting for You…

Wonder Woman and Comics of the Week

The Many Faces of Wonder Woman Part I

Part II

Part III

Man, this was a Wonder Woman filled week.



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