Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday, April 18th

Wondy Meta: Seriously, the Goddess of TRUTH is not a demotion

Wonder Woman is not a Tease

Fast Thoughts- Week of 4/15/09

I Really Like How Effortless this Comic is

Breaking: Superheroine to wear Sensible Shoes

DC Nation/ Marvel Divas

Honestly? Do not F****ing Mess with Me Today.

DC Nation Page- Unfortunate Navel Gazing

OMG Captain Marvel is SUCH a Miranda

Dear Readers, please ogle this underage Girl and thinks about death, won’t you?

Comic review Wednesdays: Oracle the Cure #2

Oracle: The Cure Review

I miss Birds of Prey

*facepalm* They unzipped Catwoman’s suit again.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling…With Nunchucks!

All That and A Bag of Chips: Harley Quinn

So, I saw Monsters vs. Aliens.

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Anonymous said...

The blog owner lovedatjoker makes some really bad points. All their comments about the Joker/Harley relationship are nothing but sexist tripe and uses feminism to justify old misogynist attitudes. Quite disgusting and piggish. It's one thing to see that Joker's treatment of Harley is abusive but it's quite another to justify sexist attitudes. Pathetic and sad.