Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday April 19th

Marvel Unveils “Divas”; Aretha Franklin Curiously Absent

Why does Joe Quesada hate my blood pressure?

The Red-Boot Diaries: Marvel Divas

The Stranger from Paradise Island

On Wonder Woman's costume (and yay! discussion!)

Marvel films and sexy scientists

JLA: Cry for Supergirl

When Did Girlamatic Die?

Gender and Comics: Artists at Work Panel Redux

Y: The Last Man

Brain hurt

Oracle: The Cure #2 review

Pride And Prejudice: The Comic Book

Review: The Manga Guide to Statistics


Jennie Rigg said...

Now available in syndicated Dreamwidth feed too: ;)

Anonymous said...

More on Marvel Divas:

Maddy said...

Thanks, Jennie!

And thanks for the link, Anonymous.

notintheface said...

Here's my take on Marvel Divas: