Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lea Hernandez Quitting

Okay, here's everything pertaining to Lea Hernandez's Resignation:

Why Did I Quit Comics?

How I Quit Comics

Howling Curmudgeons

Butt, Is it Art

Lea Quits

Lea Hernandez's News

On Objectifying and Comics

The Object of... Desire? Sexism? Testosterone?


Heidi Meeley said...

You ladies rule! Thank you for all the great links. How do I sign up?

Thank you again!

Ragnell said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to get a much larger collection fo even past stuff.

If you wanna join up just mail me an e-mail addy so I can add you to the team.

Heidi Meeley said...

I am so there! I will send an e-mail and join up gladly. Thank you!