Sunday, January 15, 2006

And Now For Something Appreciably Different:

A Focus on Women, Women's Issues, and Manga.

Found a lot of good essays about women in manga here.

The most relevant are:
Gender and Gender Relations in Manga and Anime
Why Are So Many Characters Suffering From Amnesia

And some other Manga-related Essays:

Why Can't Female Leads be Happy Without Boyfriends

She Was Asking For It, the Dangers of Shoujo

-With some related other posts:
November Previews and Reviews
I'm Just a Girl in the World
Manga Analysis and the Tricky Topic of Sex
Women in Manga/Comics
Shoujo: Bad Role Models for Girls?

On Shoujo: Comics for Girls

This guy has some good stuff too:

Shoujo Manga, Something for Girls
What Japanese Girls do With Manga, and Why
Gender and Sexuality in Shoujo Manga

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Elayne said...

Glad to see the Matt Thorn links. I often wonder what he's up to now. He was fairly active in Friends of Lulu when I was, and we corresponded a lot about him maybe putting together a Japanese adjunct to my Women Doing Comics list on the FoL website because there would just be too many Japanese women to list and they'd need a separate page. Alas, nothing ever came to fruition. But he's quite the expert on manga and particularly shoujo!