Sunday, January 15, 2006

15 January

While we’re talking about the subject...
Should we hold creators responsible for reprehensible behavior?
Comic Show Musings Redux: When Fanboys Go Wrong!
Geeky Gals Who Think Like I Do
AA Weekend Covers (The bottom cover)

(Spoiler Heavy on Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers)
Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer #1
Seven Soldiers: Zatanna
Shining Knight

On Marvel ending its longest running Female-lead series:
To web no more: Spider-Girl to end with issue #100!
So long, Spider-Girl


Elayne said...

Thanks for the link, Ragnell!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link to our blog. I'm glad you thought the feature was worth sharing. Plus, now I know about your blog, which is very cool indeed. It'll be added to our blogroll.

Keep up the good work.

PJ said...

I wondered why I suddenly got all these hits. Thank you for the link.