Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21

Month of LGBT Comics

Month of LGBT Comics – This Gay Existence #2

Month of LGBT Comics – Man Enough

Month of LGBT Comics – Tough #2

Month of LGBT Comics – Urban Buzz


Liberty Vocational Volume 1: Will Supervillains Be on the Final?

This is why I could never function in anime forums

Fractured Shell (No Ghost)

Hikaru no Go Book 23

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Returns to Print, Manga Fans Rejoice

New Editions of Sailor Moon Manga Announced, Fans Rejoice

'Sailor Moon' Manga Returns to the United States with Kodansha

Sailor Moon Manga Being Reprinted!

On behalf of the Moon!

Episode XLI: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon and Sailor V First Volumes Info (March 21st, 2011)

Operation Moonrise Manga Results

I hope you don't mind...

Gushing about the Sailor Moon Manga rerelease and feminism


Optimism ... I Promise

Laura Vandervoort And Smallville Finale

Women and Gender in Comics

About Renee Montoya...DON'T PANIC!

Valkyrie is kind of really awesome.

Colt Noble $5.99 One Shot

Gates of Gotham to feature return of Cass Cain to Batfamily

About damned time.

Oh Mighty Is-Is-Isis!

Batman's Girls

Hey Venus, Oh Venus.

Andi Watson’s 15 Love to Finally Be Published, Eight Years Later

She Has No Head! – Exclusive Preview of Ross Campbell’s Shadoweyes In Love (plus a contest!)

Preview of Batman Inc. #4 - Two Batwomen

Wonder Woman TV Costume

What Was on the Inspiration Wall for Wonder Woman's Costume Designer?

THE NEW ‘WONDER WOMAN’: This just in...First look at Adrianne Palicki as TV’s Diana Prince

Superhero Fashion Police: New Wonder Woman Outfit Leaves Us Wondering

Adrienne Palicki as Wonder Woman

Dear Costume Designers for the new Wonder Woman TV...

Wonder Woman’s TV Show Costume Is Out…And It Is…

Costume Problems

Some simple things to fix the Wonder Woman TV costume

Here's what the new television Wonder Woman will be wearing

Wonder Woman

David Kelley on finding his Wonder Woman: "I just knew it"

Superman#709 Highlights The Problem With Wonder Woman...And She ISN'T EVEN IN IT.

Wonder Woman licensed goods top seller

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