Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Official When Fangirls Attack Linking Policy

You are a unique individual.

You have a unique viewpoint.

If you post on the internet, you are putting your thoughts in a public forum.

We will link them.

Some of you are more unique than others.

You may get attention for that.

You may not want or like this attention.

That is okay.

You may ask us to stop linking you.

That is not going to happen.

This is merely a directory.

Being linked here does not mean you are affiliated with us or us with you.

Being linked here does not mean either of us get along with, want to help, favor, or agree with you.

This is a directory of unique viewpoints from unique individuals on a general topic.

(For our own unique viewpoints, visit our blogs and see for yourself.)

We have as wide a variety of posts linked here as possible.

In order to preserve that, we have to link everything we find.

So don't ask us to stop.

Because we won't.

Ahem, Kalinara, who casts aspirations on the legal profession and therefore would cut out my soul to rearrange it in alignment with her method of communication, forces me to utterly ruin the effect of this post by pointing out that we only link non-fiction opinion pieces. Promotional articles without opinion and fiction of any stripe is not eligible (and yes, that includes that webcomic about the four guys dreaming up plot points for female characters. We linked it once in the past, but never again, so stop sending it).

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