Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Entire Backlog From the Past Week

Yes, we found the Official Seal Generator too. Now, on with the links!


Meaning and Morality Tales

A quick check-in from Hibbs (8/30 books)

Geoff Johns, Tease.

The Many Fashions of Miss Lois Lane


This movie just doesn't make any sense....


Call for Female Journalists

52 on 52 #17

Another Six Weeks of Winter?

"Stealing" people's significant others

Thank You, Mr. Chaykin...

Cover of the Week: Wonder Woman #199

What is this, prison? Is no one allowed to have fun here?

She Hulk: I Feel Dirty

Wonder Woman...Lesbian?

What the crap is this?

Caveat Emptor and all that

Y The Last Man Theories: Who Killed All The Men??

Detective Comics + Simone Bianchi = Hot, Hot Covers

Another look at gays in comics (and Ultra-Humanite)

Leave it to Supergirl

Sex and the Multiple Man

This Possible Wonder Girl/Robin thing:

Holy Discontent, Batgirl!!

JLA: New World Order

Cover to Cover: Girl Germs!

New month, new things to read.

A Big Green Choice

Black Superheroines and One Unknown

Blogoversiary (Last part)


Two Reviews and Supergirl

Motherhood in Comics

Quick Hit

How I love to draw bones.

GIRLAMATIC: The New Fall Season!

Supergirl #8

Statistics on rape, comics, etc.

I Have a Blog and I Must Scream

Stalking Mary Worth

Why I Read Slash

Disordered Thoughts on Character Appeal

Batgirl Returns

Superman/Batman #27: Nevermind

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On (Last part)

You've come a long way, baby

All-Star Crap and Garbage

Dragon*Con Bodice wrap-up

For Discussion: Tom Sniegoski and Jacen Burrows' Cimmerian

Budd Root’s Cavewoman Jungle Jam #1

Johanna Stokes writes Eureka


End Times: T-shirts for stalkers

Show #36 - September 6


Ms. Marvel vs. The Mind-Raper Ripper

On Harlangate

Deepak Chopra, Snakes on a Plane, and Ricky Gervais in Fancy Dress: Comic Con 2006

Showcase Presents Superman, Volume II: Hilarity

Sometimes They Write Their Own Punchlines

Marchetto: Sexy Blond Doodler

Odd Definition of A Liberated Women.

Not Your Grandfather’s Supergirl

Leave it to Ray Palmer

Castle Waiting (Linda Medley)

Help Me Out Here.

Record: John Byrne

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