Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Various Topics:

Got a collection of topics for today:

Warren Ellis: Questioning is not Attacking, Relax

Frank Miller/Sin City: Reading

Writing Female Characters: Venus: Brian Wood

Guy Gardner: Warrior #42, DC Comics 1996
Mantra #2, Malibu Comics 1993
Glory #8, Image Comics 1995
Justice League Task Force #8, DC Comics 1994

Webcomics/Language: On Sexist Language, and Dinosaurs

Women in Refrigerators/Character Discrimination: Introduction

As well as three links of debatable relevance (We usually focus on more discussion/analysis than is in these posts) but Ragnell isn't here to arbitrate:

Guy Gardner Week: Justice League America #45

Early Backlash Against Feminism

Superboy Cartoon


Avi Green said...

Thanks for the link!

James Meeley said...

Thanks, also, for the link.

And don't sweat that some of those links are "deep and meaningful" posts. All it shows is that even fangirls have a sense of humor and like to have fun. It's actually something that's good to know. :)

kalinara said...

Avi: Thanks for posting.

James: We do not! That's a vicious lie! Don't know where you get your weird ideas! :-)

James Meeley said...


I get them from reading Frank Miller's comics, like all guys do. Where else would I get them? ;)