Thursday, February 23, 2006

February 23rd, 2006

Renae Geerlings named Top Cow Editor-In-Chief (I did not put this up just because there's a woman being named EIC. Read the reactions. It won't take long to see the relevance)

Tigra's Public Humiliation (Yeah, I've been sitting on this one a bit)

New Fan Fatale Topic: Halle Berry's Revenge!

Man, Robin is BRAVE


Elayne said...

Ick, that Newsarama thread about Geerlings just reinforces my opinion that I'm right to stay away from those message boards. Seriously creepy - they honestly don't understand why calling a woman "hot" is sexist and beside the point of her work? Then again, we're talking about "Top-Heavy Udders" comics, aren't we, so I suppose it sort of breeds that mentality.

James Meeley said...

Just curious, but why did you fail to note the fact that Witchblade, Top Cow's longest running female lead series, is also getting an all female art team starting in July? Which also happens to be Image's first all-female art team on an ongoing series in their history.

Personally, given the news about Geerlings, it seemed like a "red letter day" for women in comics, especially at Top Cow. Big news, to be sure.

DivaLea said...

"Which also happens to be Image's first all-female art team on an ongoing series in their history."

Ummmm, no?

A Distant Soil, while not made by a team as such, is the work of a woman: Colleen Doran. It was at Image in the late 90's. Rumble Girls: Silky Warrior Tansie, by myself, started at Image in 2000.
RG stopped being at Image in 2002, A Distant Soil comes out when it comes out, but both were first, and both boast all-female art teams*. (Colleen's more than mine, as her mother was/is also her art assistant.)

And to take nothing away from Geerlings, but comics has a long history of women editors at the Big Two. Geerlings is not the first or only by along shot.

*Unless, I suppose, you'd want to split the hair and define "team" as "more than one."

James Meeley said...


Yeah, I was defining "team" as more than one, since, well, you need more than one to have a "team". Remember the old adage: there's no I in team. Ms. Doran might be the first (single) female creator to do the art on an Image title, but this is the first time MULTIPLE women have supplied the art on an Image series. And not one that they created, but one of the company's most well-known properties.

And I know that there have been plenty of female editors (and E-I-Cs) over the years. I just thought it was pretty wild that both a new female E-I-C and complete female art team (for one of the few premiere mainstream female characters) were announced on the same day from Image (i.e. Top Cow).

I just thought all that happening all at once was pretty cool. Perhaps one small step in the right direction for women's roles in comics. People seem more than eager to denote the NEGATIVES in this area, but not so much with the POSITIVES (which these events surely are). That's why I spoke up.

Dark Daughta said...

Are there enough of you to have a fangirl carnival? That would be cool.

Ragnell said...

Have to admit, a Fangirl Carnival's an interesting idea.