Saturday, February 11, 2006

A couple of responses to Warren Ellis:

Helping Women Out or Unintentionally Using Them?

What a Bunch of Whiny Ungrateful Bints


James Meeley said...

I can understand women wanting more equality in the industry, but attacking those trying to bring it about isn't really going to help. In fact, it's one of the stumbling blocks for why things usually take so long to change.

Of course, Ellis should remember the old adgae: "No good deed goes unpunished." Still, I applaud him for what he's doing and the offer he made. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

so since a few women decides they don't like it, all women, okay. thanks for playing.

why does two women=all women. jeez.

we're not some sort of borg collective for the luv a god.

James Meeley said...

Yeah, all women do suffer, in a way. It's the same with anything else, with how a few bad apples spoil it for everyone.

As I said, I understand the desire for more equality, but I think there also comes a point when one needs to take stock of just what they are fighting.

Ellis obviously was not doing anything to hurt women with this offer, so the fact some took him to task as if he did, could lessen folks taking issues like this more seriously.

Furthermore, it also could send "warning flags" to others who might have been inclided to try and help and make them decide otherwise. While it would be foolhardy to expect praise in doing something to help, it certainly isn't asking much not to get reamed for trying to do something good, either.

The ones who've attacked Ellis on this, obviously have been "fighting the good fight" a bit too long and have lost some prespective on exactly who the "enemy" is. It should be seen as a warning to women to not let the desire for making things better become a witch hunt for perceiving wrong-doings.

You don't solve a problem by losing sight of who your friends are.

Anonymous said...

Warren shouldn't have to prove his intent anymore. I can't even list all the women, including myself, who have received a huge career boost because he went out of his way to support them. If there were six or seven more people like Warren, it'd be a seismic change for the better for gender equality in the industry.



DivaLea said...

Being asked to turn out pages of art or writing for "exposure" (read free or insultingly cheap) is one thing, voluntarily doing a single piece of art is another.

I dunno if I see the women in question as ungrateful, though. More like picking the wrong battle.

James Meeley said...


I agree completely with you on the good help Ellis has been for women in this industry. All the more reason why people should be a bit more careful in questioning his character on the matter.


I so agree with you. This was the wrong "battle to pick," mainly because there wasn't anything to battle over. It does make the women in question seem to come off as ungrateful to some degree, though, which is why I see it as troublesome. Such things might deter others who'd like to make a difference from doing so. That would be the real tragedy in all of this, if that were to happen.

JP said...

Wow. Just wow. I read his call for work in my mail this morning and thought to myself 'well, betcha this one's gonna rub a whole bunch of feminists the wrong way and they'll call him an exploitative, patriarchal chauvinist.'

Sometimes, it doesn't feel good to be proven right. Still, I take comfort in knowing that this is only one of spectrum of responses he has actually received.

And what's with the 'I don't care that his mum just died, he writes strong women and wants to support 'em too, he watched a teen girl strip on the internet and is EVUL' thing anyway? We all have sex drives, and sometimes err in the expression of them. I'm sure the teenage girl in question will eventually realise it wrong to taunt random online men with her nakedness. :p