Friday, September 26, 2008

Minx Fallout Edition

DC Cancels MINX Young Adults Line

Breaking news: Minx line canceled

Exit Minx

Comic Drama: Minx is done.

Minx Post Mortem

CBR: DC Comics Ends Minx Imprint

Minx: 2007-2008?

DC Cancels Minx

This is my obligatory marketing-focused analysis of Minx’s demise.

MAKE COMICS: MINX: Comics Keep Spinning

Minx died. I know, it is shocking

Ding Dong, the Minx is Dead

Minx and Me

Minx No More: DC Cancels Girls’ GN Line

The Plain Janes Have Left The Building

More On Minx

Sept. 25, 2008: Where the gravestones never cease

More Minx

On Minx and Untapped Markets

Just Past the Horizon: You and Me


Unknown said...

I just did a post on how much I like the line overall [save the "Plain Jane" books]. This is so disappointing. Damnit.

LurkerWithout said...

This was actually meant to go on your Blog@ post, but its being annoying again...

Not to disagree with you (because I think you make a valid point) but DC does have that tweener Supergirl book coming out in..December? Though I guess thats aimed at a younger audience then the minx line was...