Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

Female-Friendly Comic Book Store Map Now Open ( News)

Dear Privileged Asshats, (Mickle)

Ormes Society: Interviews here, there and everywhere! (digital_femme)

Weekend reviews: Steve Canyon! Jim Woodring! and more! (Blog@Newsarama)

Get Over Yourself (Manga Xanadu)

Sorry, I gotta say it. (Strobe lights and sexual content)

Mwahahahahaha. (katarik)

The Joker As An Abused Child (Val D'Orazio)

"Who Can Save Us Now" - A Review (Kalinara)

For the Love of Geekdom.... (Heidi Meeley)

Safer Spaces (Lisa Fortuner)

Outside Poll: Geeks Need to Get a Life (Heidi Meeley)

Views requested! What do non comic readers think of comics readers? (Saranga)

Another serious note. (Bully)

Fighting Harassment (Laura Gjovaag and her Commenters)

The Con Anti-Harassment Project (Lisa Fortuner)

PSA - Convention Anti-Harrassment Project - (Girl-Wonder.Org) (sinspired)

Apparently, Mr. Evanier, some of us think it *is* necessary. (Lucy Anne)

Convention Anti-Harrassement (starcannibal)

Its a Bird! Its a Butterfly! It's.... (Mickle)

Things which are awesome (Betty)

Friday Night Fights — Ladies Night Round 4 (Bahlactus and the Friday Night Fighters)


Mickle said...

fyi (in case anyone cares) my post wasn't on response to anything on a comics blog or forum, in case anyone had that impression.

well, not anything recently, anyway.

feel free to keep the link and apply to various fandoms and communities as needed, however.

Anonymous said...

Oops, misfired there. I'll leave the link though.

ticknart said...

A comic strip that may fit in here.