Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1, 2008

Invisible Girls and Phantom Ladies: How far have we come?

Why have there been no great women cartoonists?

get outta my way


Scenes from Wizard World Chicago ‘08: A Strip Club with a Convention Booth


More sexification of childhood « Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

iFanboy takes on Sandman

It’s About The Person: Gender Transgression and Disappointment in American Virgin

Troubled Rant #3: Disempowering Figurations


For Better or For Worse Cop-Out

Why all the Geek Grrling?
The Geek Girl What Rules’ Greatest Hits - #10 Comic Book Obsessions
The Geek Girls What Rules Greatest Hits - #12 Girls and Comics
9 Chickweed Lane, again
Comic Review: Ayre Force

Your Gaze Hits the Side Of My Face

The sheep, or the wolf

WANTED (2008) James MacAvoy, Angelina Jolie


The Incredible Hulk

Hulk Smash

Actually, I Might WATCH "Soldier #3 Who Gets Blown Up Real Good".


notintheface said...

While you were gone, Chris Sims and and Phil Looney had a "Most 90's Cover Ever" contest. Some of these entries may be right up your alley:

Phil's original contest entry:

Here's a link somebody posted to Superdickery.com:

And, because I'm shameless, here's my entry:

Scott (The Mad Thinker) Anderson said...

Welcome back, Rags.

Unknown said...

When you get the chance, be sure to check out Black Jack. It is a classic Osamu Tezuka manga finally being released in the states. They have sample chapters over at www.vertical-inc.com/blackjack. Hope you all enjoy!