Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Fresh Batch:

Man-haiting lesbo dyke feminist

Dykes to Watch Out For

Be A Man

The Gamines love Gaiman

Blast from the past:

Y the Last Man 1


Rant #674289

Relating to Ms. Soma's experience:

Since Most of the People on my Friends list are...

Silly Site of the Day

Sexual Assault


Anonymous said...

Interesting excerpt from that "Y The Last Man 1" review:

"Guerra's art reminds me of Jose Luis (Deadman) Garcia Lopez's work and that of Frank (Liberty Meadows) Cho. His has a clear, simple style that's nevertheless realistic, which suits the realistic tone of this bizarre story about social structure. I find his stuff's a little loose, though. The nature of the story calls for a little more realism, and a darker tone as well. That's just a personal preference, I suppose, though. Overall, he tells the story clearly and differentiates among the various female characters nicely. "

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