Wednesday, March 29, 2006

29 March

I Read Comics: Show 23 (Podcast, 35:50 -- Women in Comic Book Stores)

Quien es Macho? Siryn es Macho!


Second Call to the Carnival of Feminists (wherein I just ask for trouble, and will therefore get a less interesting commentary)

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Anonymous said...

Pfft, don't you know that trouble isn't something that's at your beck and call? For shame, trying to use it that way.

Also, to attract the intarweb drama, next time you need to go for something slightly less obvious. The image really isn't that controversial, so except for mr. "I don't see the problem," I'm not surprised that it got the reaction that it did.

Although on that other thread there's the guy who's all like, "I don't see what's unattractive about the boobs." o.O Apparently he's never seen real ones, or has become so enmeshed in pop-culture that only the painfully fake looking ones (now will plasti-nipples!) will do it for him. -.-

Why, yes, I am commenting here rather than, you know, getting my packing done so I can write that post on the Diana picture that I've been threatening to for days now. Procrastination > me.