Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, February 25

POC's In Comics

Black + White = Heartbreak!

Milestone forever review and spoilers

Black Future Month ‘10: Life in Marvelous Times

Black Future Month ‘10: Brandon Thomas

A quickie

The 99 Gets Animated

Firestorm & Black Lightning in Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

Typo’s Best: Roy Raymond, TV Detective!

The Gauntlet: The Amazing Minuteman vs. Mr. Negative Stereotype

Race and Comics Roundup: Around the Marvel Universe

Warner Todd Huston Is Angry About Comical Books

African American Characters in Comics: Frontline Combat 9 - "Abe Lincoln!"

Exhibit Celebrates Black Comic Book Superheroes

Will Jim Lee Take After The Brave And The Bold?

Gina Torres

Gina Torres On Comics: "No Skinny Bitches"

Gina Torres: Superheroes Are Curvy, "Skinny Bitches" Need Not Apply

Girl Comics

Marvel's Girl Comics

Jeanine Schaefer on "Girl Comics"

Girl Comics Editor: The Title Could've Been Worse

EXCLUSIVE: 'Girl Comics' #1 Preview

LGBT Issues in Comics

Jimmy Olsen

Coming out in comics: The DC offices

The Moon and Sandals (as part of LGBT history month)

Questionable Content (as part of LGBT History Month)

Fun Home - LGBT History month continues

Love is in the Air

Marvel’s Top 10 Power Couples

Gay Comic Book Creator brings pride with "So Super Duper"

Likewise Roundtable

Reviewing the Reviews: Likewise

Dick Talk (Likewise Roundtable)

In Search of “It”: A response to a review of Potential

Battle At the Likewise Roundtable!

How Much Alike Is Likewise?


Likewise Roundtable

Not Strictly Comics

Not! Percy Jackson


My Darling! Miss Bancho Book 1

Two Trends Are Better Than One: Vampire Yaoi — Blood Honey and How to Seduce a Vampire


Comics cavalcade: Sexism, racial insensitivity and ugly americans


Review: Supergirl #50 Part 1

Review: Supergirl #50 Part 2

Women and Gender in Comics

She Has No Head! - Ten Women Of Fables

Hey, That's My Cape!: One Con Glory

Cry for Justice #7 preview

Blogs I Like

Comix of the week- Double sized Supergirl edition!

The Annotated Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse: Executioner #4

DC Direct Arisia review

2010 May DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

FAT WEEK: Millie’s fat friend

Review: A couple of very violent Teen Titans trades

Some miscellaneous links and unimportant comments:

Here Comes the Sun?

The Art of Jaime Hernandez due in April

Review: Smile

The 30-Second Review of "Devil" #1

In Defense of Dave Sim's 'glamourpuss'

The King Vs The Scarlett Mermaid

Romancing The Stone: Could It Be Magic?

Gotham City Sirens 9 review and spoilers

Very Pretty! Trina Robbins and Nell Brinkley

Life in Comics# 11: What Women Want

Women Running From Houses on Comic Book Covers: Sinister House of Secret Love 3 - "Bride of the Falcon"

Crossing Lines in Mark Millar’s The Authority


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