Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday, February 11th

LGBT Issues in Comics

Why Anti-Opression Is Serious Business

When Politics and Privilege meet Comics, Part One--Transgender Issues

Gay Characters in Writing

Drawn Together

Interview with Perry Moore

Captain America Vs Fox News

Quesada responds as Captain America's Tea Party controversy gains steam

Captain America is a Political Character

Captain America Tea Party Controversy

Why Marvel Owes No Apologies for Captain America's 'Tea Party'

Taking a Comic Too Far? Marvel Displays Racism and Ignorance

If anyone can ID the enemy, it’s Captain America

Tea Bagger reference to be taken out of Captain America book

Somone Bring That Dead Horse Over


Digital Harlequin Manga: The Apartment, Millionaire Husband

Del Rey Chibis: Yozakura Quartet 5, Minima! 4, Dragon Eye 7 and 8

Not Strictly Comics

The Last Airbender Trailer - And Other Thoughts

Different Day. Same Sh*t


POC Issues in Comics

Black Future Month ‘10: The Stereotype

Black Future Month '10: Jay Potts

Black + Aqualad = Blaqualad?

Whatever happened to Chocolate Thunder?

Captain America #143 Is The Most Seventies Comic Book EVER

Superhero Stuff

Marvel (Fan)Girls

............ wow.

Women in Comics

Q&A #58 Who is your favorite legacy character?

Comic reviewwwws!

JSA All Stars #3 Preview

Birds of Prey Begins - Oracle and Canary's first team-up

DC in March

Gender and Cartooning in Chicago

Hey, That's My Cape!: Abracadabra 2-10-10

Artist's hobby becomes livelihood

10 Graphic Novels You Should Pick Up with "Twilight"

Book(s) of the Month: Firestar and Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds

Review: Newave!: The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s

Typo’s Best: Hal Jordan, Ladies Man.

...Just Add Pink!

She Has No Head! - Discovering The Unknown

Lorendiac's Lists: Timeline of First and Final Appearances of Every Supergirl, Superwoman, Etc. (5th Draft)

Human Proportions in Comics

Religion and Science Fiction: Women and Their Portrayal in Comics ...

women and transgendered members of the comics community

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: A Comic Book Character Shows the Way - Community

Bitch, you run in heels.

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