Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday, February 1st

Birds of Prey/Gail Simone

#Gailhateswomen: The Twitter Meme

BoP: Look on the bright side: They could've gone with Greg Land!

late reaction is late


LOL cats creator holds Haiti benefit auction

The Great Silver Age Debate

The Problem I Have With Current Superhero Comics Summed Up In Two Sentences

A rant inspired by Livejournal

On these shenanigans with women pre-bronze age

I shouldn't comment on this one


I'm too serious about race and gender. But especially gender.

New Readers Start Here

Catwoman- Crooked Little Town

Green Arrow Black Canary: For Better Or For Worse

Not Comics

On Getting Girlfriends into Video Games

Cartoons stereotype women too

PoC's in Comics

Black Panther - the animated series

Black Superhero Ish

Black Superheroes on the Web

Wonder Woman

She Has No Head!- It Took Gail Simone

Paradise Highlands: Wonder Woman Thoughts from Scotland

Women and Gender in Comics

wanna make a bet/we'll be neck and neck/takin' off the gloves


Time, She Does Fly

Ladies’ Night at the Comic Shop

Boys on the Outside

Fangirls Frenzy

Review: Magic Trixie #1

Girl Comics: La Superica

D'Orazio Double Taps the Punisher

Mike Madrid – The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines


Anonymous said...

The first link under the general Women & Gender category should probably be in the Silver Age category, since the subsequent posts in that debate all springboarded from the discussion in the comments of Parse's first post.

Maddy said...

Well, personally I think it makes sense to have it in Women and Gender, since I think my initial post is (I think) a much broader discussion than the two sentences and people's reactions to it.

notintheface said...

Here's one from Snell: