Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday February 7th: Part Two

Ableism in comics:

Fantastic Four 575 Postbag - on the subject of "retard"

Chromatic Casting:

tl;dr in defense of chromatic (re)casting


The Safety Dance: Helping End Sexual Harassment at Conventions

Idle Thoughts

Ending Sexual Harrasment at cons

DC Covers:

The "babes" of the Justice League

Did the comic artist boob with this image?

Comic Book Cover Artists

Oh hey, look at this stupid thing.


The gay cartoonists who had the last laugh

Gluey Tart: Madness

Milestone Forever:

Puffy is Good, but Milestone Is Forever

Milestone Forever: Being Post-Racial Before It Was Cool

Milestone Forever

Number Crunching: Milestone Forever #1


Campus Ghost Story [Comic Review]

Everything You Know About The Amazons Is Wrong

Aging, Technology, and the Funnies

Indie Comic Spotlight: Ross Campbell

Not strictly comics:

Whitewashing in Young Adult literature

The true story of MLK and Lt. Uhura

Adios Ugly Betty

Avatar and Twilight: Native Representation on screen 2.0

The Last Airbender or The Last Straw?, or How Loraine Became a Fan Activist

Is there 'hope' in Hollywood?

Black stars don’t mean Hollywood is color-blind

Top Black Characters in Science Fiction

wear your love like heaven

Barbie and G.I. Joe: Inscribing Gender Norms on Toys

Race and Diversity in comics:

George Wallace Segregationist Comic from the 1960s

Race & Comics

Bring On The Black Good Guys (And Gals)

Black Future Month ‘10: Proclamation

The Racial Politics of Riverdale: Why an Interracial Kiss Is Still a Big Deal

Black Future Month ‘10: Ron “D-pi” Wimberly

Race & Comics Roundup: Archie’s Romance, Milestone’s Return & The Great Ten

Black Future Month ‘10: Paris/Tokyo

Why Ebony White Isn’t Sassy

Should I really like Bruce Wayne?

Separate And Unequal: A Mule And Forty Acres Of My Own, Part Nine: What, Me Angry?


Fangirls Make a Difference With Offensive Ad Copy

And they wonder why some women are reluctant to get into comics...

Just to prove this isn't an isolated incident...


Twilight Manga: a reality check

Twi-lite: graphic adaptation of Twilight loses ‘baggage’ and Robert Pattinson

Wonder Woman:

Crows’ Feat



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