Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday February 7th: Part One

This batch is a little big, so I'm splitting it into two posts for easier reading.

Women and Gender in Comics:

Media Monday Spotlight – Jo Chen, Comic Artist

Exclusive: Addressing Issues - An Interview with Valerie D'Orazio

I did not work on Marvel’s Girl Comics and never even heard of it.

Is Donna Troy the first superhero to join the Justice League who doesn't even have a superhero name?

no question

Review: Graylight

Q&A #57 What legacy character would you invent, if given the chance?

Frederick native cartoons for a living

Th3rd World Hopes Artist Appeals to MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Fans

One reason why we love Dinah

Review: Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms

Tuesday quickies

This Week IN Comics: Three Remarkably Sexist Reasons Girls Should Read Comic Books

Cliff Chiang teams with actress Helen Slater for a Supergirl story

Psst … Marvel? This Name Is a Really Bad Idea

just because it's not a good band name

Carol's drinking

Male Bonding in Superhero Comics, Part 1: Old Friends, Teammates, and Frenemies

Two Lady Dangers

Hope Larson shows you how it's done

Straight for the art | Faith Erin Hick's Lost sketch

Ich bin ein Avenger #2: Spider-Woman

She-Hulk turns 30!

Location, Location, Location

All the World's a Stage for Zatanna Beginning In May

Children of Birds of Prey

This is a tiny game piece that features Aquaman’s wife vomiting acid blood.

brief thoughts on Marvel Heartbreakers

Contino leaves The Pulse; whither Comicon?

A Damn Scribbling Woman: an Interview with Jennifer K. Stuller about Ink-Stained Amazons

Gotham City Sirens #8 review & spoilers

A Look at Black Canary figures: Mattel vs DCD

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