Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday, February 19


Batgirl #7 Play-by-Play

Super Mega Batgirl review the seventh

LGBT Issues in Comics

Mod Post: Clarification on the Community Ethos and Anti-Oppression

Gay Previews 4/10

Why I Don't Like "Gender Bending" in Fiction


Project Fanboy

Comics A.M. | The comics Internet in two minutes

New Readers Start Here


Green Lantern/Green Arrow volume one

Not Strictly Comics

Recognition, Codes & Box Office Draw

POC's in Comics

Black Future Month ‘10: Things Are Getting Better

Glyph Comics Awards Nominees

Black Future Month ‘10: Julian Lytle

Connective Tissue

That Girl is Poison

Some Random Bits

Luke Cage: Like Thunder

Typo’s Best: The Glory that is Steamboat.

The Fifth Color | An Open Letter to Warner Todd Huston

Women in Comics

2010 May Marvel Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

She Has No Head: Real Love Takes Time


In which Caro reads The Bun Field, muses on gender and metaphor and remembers how hard it is to write short

Google turns up the weirdest things.

Woot! Music video and last weeks comics

Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #1

Review: Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

Cerebus Valentines for That Special Void in Your Life

Typo’s Best: Poppa Spanks — for Real!

Typo’s Best: Sue Knows Her Place.

Free e-book: Memoirs of an Occasional Superheroine

Romancing The Stone: Dating the Last Man

Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire

It's never perfect, but we take what we can get

hottest motherf****r on the whole damn block

and a day came...

What I bought - 17 February 2010

Comics for Girls

Wednesday Q&A: Louise Simonson

Everything I Hate About Representations Of Women In Comics In One Easy Image

Comics: A Beginners’ Guide: Girls’ Comics

Download the Girl Comics Podcast

Brea and Zane Grant Will Bury You

Comics Ridicule the Tea Partiers? Big Deal. Look How They Objectify Women

A Damn Scribbling Woman: an Interview with Jennifer K. Stuller about Ink-Stained Amazons

When romance comics were a little racist

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