Saturday, March 06, 2010

So many, many links: Part One

Disability in comics:

Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode about this?

Dwayne McDuffie and Milestone Comics:

DC Comics: Meanspirited, spiteful, and childish.

Race, Sci-Fi, and Comics: A Talk with Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie's Sad Meta-Commentary on Corporate Comics

Girl Comics:

Girl Comics #1

The Lady Editors of Marvel Talk 'Girl Comics' [Girl Week]

Let’s Hear It for Girl Comics

Daily Breakdowns 068 - Wave Hello, Say Goodbye

'Girl Comics' shines spotlight on female creators

Hot Ink Review - Girl Comics #1 [Girl Week]

Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics #1 review

Girl Comics #1

Review of Girl Comics 1

Comic Book Rape Watch | Green Arrow and Girl Comics

Ready or Not, Girl Comics is Out

CA Hits the Girl Comics #1 Signing [Girl Week]

To Do: Girl Comics Signing at Handleys

Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

The Week In Ink: March 3, 2010

Reviews For Punisher: Butterfly & Girl Comics #1

Let’s Hear It for Girl Comics

Glyph awards:

2010 Glyph Awards Announced

1020 Glyph Awards nominees announced

Your 2010 Glyph Awards Nominees

‘WORLD OF HURT’ Nominated In 2010 Glyph Awards

2010 Glyph Awards Fan Favorite of the Year online ballot

Handley case:

Christopher Handley Sentenced to 6 Months for 'Obscene' Manga (Updated)

Handley sentenced to six months in manga obscenity case

Man Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison for Buying Lolicon Manga

‘Obscene’ manga leads to six month jail sentence

Handley With Care: Can it Happen to You?

Christopher Handley sentenced

Commentaries on Handley's Sentencing for Obscene Manga

Reflections on the Handley case

Must read: Handleys attorney comments

Christopher Handley’s Attorney Comments On His Case


Kathryn Immonen Gets Cosmic with the Heroines of 'Heralds' [Girl Week]

Marvel heroines to face cosmic threat in Heralds weekly miniseries

Marvels women star in HERALDS

Hope Larson's "Mercury":

Mercury rising: Hope Larson on the perils of making comics for teens

Hope Larson Explores the Mystery of "Mercury"

Kelly Sue Deconnick:

Kelly Sue DeConnick Penning 'Rescue' One-Shot At Marvel This May

Kelly Sue Deconnick on 'Sif,' Sexism and Lady Snowblood [Girl Week]

LGBTQ in comics:

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