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Batgirl #8 and Red Robin #10 ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! part i

Batgirl #8 and Red Robin #10 ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! part ii

Super Mega Batgirl review the eighth

Super Mega... Red Robin Review?

So, Red Robin was pretty much awesome.

Red Robin Batgirl crossover

Fun With Bat-Babes

A Quick One

The new Batgirl

Larfleeze loves Zatanna?

Okay, we need a pick-me-up- I turn to Steph!

Cry for Justice

Where I weigh in and. give. my. thoughts.

James Robinson's response to Cry for Justice

Fourcast! 36: Ragecast!

What hath blog wrought?

Tucker Can’t Get Enough Of Waxing Babies

The Moral of the Story

In Defense of James Robinson

Kids, cannon fodder and Cry for Justice

The WORST part of Cry for Justice

Cry For Justice#7: When The Joke Stopped Being Funny

Justice League – Cry For Justice #7


Girl Comics

Discussion question: If Girl Comics isn't a completely fantastic comic book, does it risk doing more harm than good?

Review: Girl Comics #1

Comics Grinder: Girls! Girls! Girls!

She Has No Head!- Girl Comics: Not Quite Great, But Mostly Free of Landmines

Punisher MAX: Butterfly & Girl Comics Reviews & News, part deux

Marvel profiles

Review: Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics #1

The Real Women of Marvel – Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics- well, they do all star girls. But so do most of the comics I buy.

LGBT Issues in Comics

Six by 6: Six gay comics that are better than anything on Ranker's list

Fantagraphics New Manga

LGBT Characters in Comic Books

Comic reviews: Super Friends #25, Super Hero Squad #3, the Essential DTWOF


If You're Going to Hate on Manga...

The Other Love that Dare Not Speak its Name


Unbound | Zahra's Paradise creator speaks

Nina Paley

Cuckoo for Copyright: Sita Sings for Your Entertainment

Inteview with Nina Paley

Interview with Nina Paley Part 2

Not Strictly Comics

Does Disney really know what boys like?

Girls Get the Short End of the Stick Again: Disney Renames Rapunzel to Tangled

POC's in Comics

Talking Comics with Tim: Ho Che Anderson

Black Superheroes On The Web

Afrodisiac, Dracula and the Venusian Invasian

Quoted: Dwayne McDuffie on Race, The Comics Industry, and Creating Characters

AVENGERS: Tokens, quotas, and Triathlons

From the I-Wish-I-Were-Her Desk: Nancy Goldstein Talks Jackie Ormes's Roundtable discussion on Comics and Color

Martin Luther King, Jr. Comic Book From The 1950s Redefined Superhero For A Generation

The Biography of Ebony White

Power Girl

Palmiotti, Gray & Conner Off "Power Girl"

Departure of POWER GIRL Creative Team

Conner, Palmiotti, and Gray off Power Girl

Valerie Barclay

Trina Robbins: Valerie Barclay 1922-2010

Violet "Valerie" Barclay, 1922-2010


an interview with supergirl team, sterling gates & jamal igle

Bits Of Supergirl Business

Review: Superma:Last Stand Of New Krypton #1

Women and Gender in Comics
The Best And Worst Superheroine Cosplay Costumes

Molly Crabapple: Sexy, Provocative and Banned at BN

All-Ages All-Stars: Mike Maihack’s Scarlet Witch

Getting Others Started on Comics Vol 2

Comics cavlacade: Conan, Sinbad and Charlie McCarthy

The Sun Will Come Out

Review: Unlovable Vol. 2

Will Superman have his own "Brand New Day"?

The First Annual Fantastic Comic Book Awards

All-Flash Quarterly, Part II: THE BLOOD RED RAY!

All Flash #2 Part 4. Almost Done. Really.

All Flash Comics #2 ends with…ew

Your Superheroine Fail Of The Day

Lighten up, Val.

OS Journal 3/10/10: WWEFD?

4 Tips For Marketing Comic Books To Women

Ugly Things Are My Muse

Occasional Linkage For 3/12/10

It's International Woman's Day!

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Sybil Danning IS Black Diamond!!

Speaking Of Female Action Heroes Debuting In Black Diamond #1...

Controversy LinkBlogging

She Has No Head!: Marc Andreyko's Manhunter

Woo Hoo! Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic! Color Me Happy!

Committed: Kick-Ass and Why Violence is a Feminist Issue

Phil-In: Stuff I Read and Put Back by Dan Jacka

Yeah, but Will It Last?

Rich Kreiner: A Minis Monday Special Bulletin: Woman King

Review: The Supergirls by Mike Madrid

Female Force! Women in Comics

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Wonder Woman

J. Michael Straczynski to write SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN, starting in July

No limits: J. Michael Straczynski on SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN

Thoughts on Wonder Woman

JMS Takes Over Superman and Wonder Woman

Say it ain’t so! Gail Simone leaves Wonder Woman

Prince of power.

JMS On Wonder Woman

Straczynski on Superman and Wonder Woman = AWWWW YEAH

Wonder Woman palooza!

Wonder of Wonders - War and Peace: For She So Loved the World

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