Saturday, March 06, 2010

So many, many links: Part Three

Women and gender in comics:

The Europeans do comic book movies differently

A Wise Man Sleeps

Fun Home: Technically Speaking on the first 86 pages

Likewise, A Response

Links: We know what boys like

Review: Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean

Logo Study: DC ROMANCE COMICS Part 1

Rescue me: Pepper Potts' armored alter ego gets a one-shot in May

I Think, Therefore 'I, Zombie'

Themed List: February--Romance Comics

DC Entertainment

Nice Guy Syndrome - Why I Hate Warren in Early X-Factor

SEX CITY: A Superhero Sex Education Video Game

The Sorceress’ New Clothes – Zatanna’s new outfit doesn’t “etiuq krow"

The 5 Most Disturbing X-Men Love Affairs

Christian Beranek’s Life of High Adventure #16: Fashion and comics meet in Ready to Where?

Marz, Sook, and Simonson weigh in on Magdalena cover

A brief interview with Diane Nelson

She's back!

Character Spotlight: Nola Thomas

Character Spotlight: Rocky Rhodes

Batman's Women and You

Do you have a certain Zatanna in your life? How about a Harley Quinn?

Finding romance in comics

Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie: Mercury, Nola, Supergirl, and More

Kitty Pryde's Return Is Cause For Celebration


Batman Burlesque Dancers Take on Riddler, Harley Quinn and 'Killing Joke'

10 of the Worst Female Action Figures Ever [Girl Week]


The Best and Worst Super-Heroines In Comics! [Girl Week]

Keiko Agena & Ming Doyle Interview

10 of the Best Female Action Figures Ever [Girl Week]

ComicsAlliance Takes On: Gender-Swapped Fan-Art [Girl Week]

I guess March is womens history month or something!

She Has No Head! - Marc Andreyko's Manhunter

Creator Spotlight: Afua Richardson

Creator Spotlight: Ms,Shatia Hamilton

The Bottom Line

Unlovable by Esther Pearl Watson

Garth Ennis’ Most Revealing Moment?

This Week in Girl Geek: Wherein Comics Alliance does my job for me


Cactus's Secret Book 1

Proof That Superheroes Are Mainstream

Ryusuke Hamamoto's Darkseid is a Pretty Little Lady [Girl Week]

'Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths' Actress Gina Torres Celebrates Superheroine Curves [Girl Week]

Creator Spotlight: Alitha Martinez

Creator Spotlight: Marguerite Abouet

Ann Nocenti's 'Daredevil': An Appreciation [Girl Week]

Character Spotlight: Friday Foster

Character Spotlight: Mari Royal

Cheyenne Wright of Girl Genius

Hey, That's My Cape!: Resident Shoe Expert

Straight for the art | Damian-Robin, by Polly Guo (Hire her!)

Cartoonist Lucy Knisley Wants to Be a Cartoonist When She Grows Up [Girl Week]

Blackest Night: JSA #3

Foundationed Deep #1

Girl Week: A Celebration of Feminism

The Real Power Of Comics

The Fifth Color | The Will She? Won't She? of Susan Storm

Reviews Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1-3

Happy Women's History Month!

Some Reviews

Book of the Month: NANA

Hat Week: The Hats of Romance Comics Explained

Wonder Woman, Gail Simone, Birds of Prey:

Be advised this post is probably not terribly coherent

Gail Simone on leaving WONDER WOMAN, returning to BIRDS OF PREY

Gail Simone Leaves "Wonder Woman"

Wonder of Wonders (3/5/10)

Gail Simone Leaving WONDER WOMAN, Reveals BoP #2 Cover

Gail Simone to Depart from Wonder Woman [Girl Week]

End of an Era

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