Saturday, March 06, 2010

So many, many links: Part Two

Lian Harper and "Cry for Justice":

DC and the Arrow Family: the kids are all right. No wait, they're all white!

An Open Letter to James Robinson

I miss back when you could get new DC Comics


Fuck this Robinson shit

Justice And Injustice

I Knew it with Spoilers

Well, I didn't see that coming (Spoilers for JL: Cry for Justice #7)


“Wait, what?” For Justice!

Violent death is still the spice of superhero life, apparently


Cry for Justice #7: When Comics Are God-Fucking-Awful

Cry for Justice ends most utterly repugnantly

Review: Justice League: Cry For Justice #7


I Brief Thought on Cry for Justice

Justice League: Cry for Justice #7

Just us.

Son Of A Bitch!

Some questions I have about Justice League: Cry for Justice, after having

Justice League: Cry For Justice #7

Powerful response to DC’s murder of Lian Harper

Lian Harper, 1986-2010: A Tribute, Part 1

Lian Harper, 1986-2010: A Tribute, Part 2

Cry For Justice #7 - What REALLY upsets me...

Justice League: Cry for Justice #7 -Review-

Driving away from Comics, Part One

Yet Another Delayed Reaction (aka I took time I do not have to catch up again)

Review: Cry For Justice #7

The Value of Daughters, alt. title: Narrative Cop-outs I Am Sick Of

Powerful response to DC’s murder of Lian Harper

Lois Lane:

Re-Evaluating Lois Lane

Thursday WHO’S WHO: Lois Lane


Tintin’s List

Controversy LinkBlogging

Unbound | Zahra's Paradise creator speaks

Jewish Narnia Is Called Marvel Comics

Bronze-Age Comics

The comic books that brainwash North Koreans

Ms. Marvel:

Ms. Marvel #50

Will the Real Ms. Marvel Please Stand Up

Not strictly comics:

The Last Airbender Trailer - And Other Thoughts

How the Bechdel Test could save the Oscars

Seeking: Dynamic Women Who Don't Need A Hero

Girl heroes take spectacular flight

Media portrayal of Disability and Martial arts (a personal statement)

The Fading Histories of People of Colour: Depardieu Plays Dumas

Stories that Ally vs Stories that Appropriate: a Yardstick

The Smurfette Principle

Princely Tails

POCs and Race in comics:

Hunting BET’s Black Panther

Exhibit Celebrates Black Comic Book Superheroes

Race & Comics Round-up: Around The Marvel Universe

Emanata: Hi, Kids. Do You Like Violence?

Captain America To The Big Screen

Black Future Month ‘10

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Winston Blakely

Tak Toyoshima: Secret Asian Man

Celebrating Black Superheroes

The Golden Blaze

Luke Cage, Still An Avenger

Power Girl:

'DC Universe Online' Power Girl Designs

Money. Power. Respect.

"Skinny bitches" comment:

Not cool, Ms. Torres, not cool



DC's 'Supergirl' reaches milestone

Some excellent Supergirl moments

Supergirl #50


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