Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27th

Wonder Woman Day, redux! (Swanshadow)

On Death Of The New Gods #1 (Jeff)

The fault, dear blogosphere, lies not in Bendis... (Laura Hudson)

Sex + Violence (Lisa Fortuner)

More Critique on the Critique of Feminist Critique of Comics. (Mickey Schulz)

Some of my Favorite Scarecrows #1: Jim Balent's (Caleb)

Quit objectifying Green Lanterns (Yonatan Bryant)

X-Factor #39, Inferno pt. 11 (Vintage Spandex)

Miss Fury & Black Widow connection (The Plotting Muses)

Black Canary to appear on Smallville (Kevin Melrose)

Crankshaft’s rape joke not well received (Chris Mautner)

Blogger: Crankshaft Strip is "Heinous" (Tom Spurgeon)

'Crankshaft' Comic Criticized for Implying Older Women Are in Less Danger of Being Assaulted (E&P Staff)

Progressive Ruin Presents...the End of Civilization. (Mike Sterling)

Thinking. (Cheryl Lynn)

I apologize to David in advance if this metaphor is bungled (Betty)

"Because He's The Goddamn Jason Todd" (Val D'Orazio/Occasional Superheroine)

Is it respectful to others to think only of yourself? (Ami Angelwings)

A Quick Reminder of What Chuck Dixon Said About the People Who Put Gays in Comics! (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

Why do I bother? (Rational Mad Man)

A Comic Book Panel (Davon Sanders)

Comic book bodies, again (Brainfreeze)

Ok, NOW they're just doing it to fuck with Ragnell.... (Notintheface)

Countdown #27 (Ragnell)

Just to Set the Record Straight… (Thom Wade)

Sword of the Atom TPB: A book you should own (Avi Green)

Hey, potential cool! (Brainfreeze)


Ami Angelwings said...

I dun think my post has ANYTHING to do about comics at all o_o;;

Ragnell said...

Ami -- Oh, I linked that one because it was an answer to a WFA post, and about feminist-antifeminist interaction within fandom. Fits under the general umbrella of the blog.

Ami Angelwings said...

oh ok :D

Just wondering XD

Cuz I didn't respond to his comic related stuff at all. Only to his non comic related stuff that happened to be in the post at the very end :)