Monday, October 22, 2007

October 22nd

What's the problem with DC? (And Marvel too?) (Mickle)

Girls read boy’s comics, and they’re oblivious. (Betty)

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl (Wonder)!: A Reflection on Recent and Forthcoming Wonder Woman Comics (Amy Reads)

Things I Like to be Reminded of Every So Often (Anon, A Mouse)

Censorship (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

Interview Dissection... (Joel Bryan)

I just got an offline msg from Ragnell the Foul (Willow)

Wha-? (Ragnell) (Comments)

Wrong! (Smith Michaels)

‘Rama Rampage: Self-belief is a wonderful thing. (Graeme McMillan)

JR's Wonder Woman pr0n art gets reviewed by scans_daily! (K-Box: the Box in the Box)

Stop violence against Tigras! (Heidi MacDonald)

Comic Book Week in Review for 10/14/07 - 10/20/07 (Kirk Warren)

Quote, Unquote (JK Parkin) (Comments)

R.I.P., Paul Raven. Plus, more on Jewgate, fandom, and Tigra. (Kali)

Occasional Reviews: Minx (Valerie D'Orazio/Occasional Superheroine)

4 Colour Beefcake (Ray Randell)

Defenses of breaking up Pete & MJ that aren't even true! (Philippos Fourty-Two)

Ami Angelwings: Threat or Menace? (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

Damn You, Daddy DC Dearest! (Joel Bryan)

Finke on Wonder Woman film (Heidi MacDonald)

Dark Horse / Image Preview Review for January (Jim)

Inside the Comic Writer's Studio: Ron Marz (Erich Moreno)

Mothership Connection (Martha Thomases)

Let me go around clear skies (Stubbleupdate)

::places tongue firmly in cheek:: (Cheryl Lynn)

A Spirited Defence (Plok)

Wait a minute... (Ragnell)

Before there was Perry Moore.... (Fox in the Stars)

Marie Severin (Sean Kleefeld)

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