Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25th

Cool List on Wikipedia (Brenda Almeyda/Trickster)

Rape: Still Not Hilarious, Still Not a Compliment (Melissa McEwan)

Because only young "hot" women are raped (Jessica Valenti)

Smallville Fen (Jenny Wrayne)

Thank You, Boob Tutors! (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

I love mothers and daughters it is the best Cerebus story! (Bigcerebusfan)

LJ User Picture Meme (Bjorn to be Wylde)

2007 Books continued (Makeda42)

Something about feminist critiques of comics. (Mickey Schulz)

Research-o-rama (Kphoebe/Karen Healey)

Manga Review: Empowered, Vols. 1-2 (Ken Haley)

Untitled. (A Whopping Great Parcel from Mass)

Scans: Shogun of Steel Part 5 (An Innocuous Kitten) (Comments)

Valley of the Geek-ettes (ilbonito blog 2007)

Wagging real-life (fionna_g)

A Completely Irresponsible Viewpoint (Anon, a mouse) (Tangential)

Untitled (why don't animate skeletons ever get slashed?)

Geek assholery abounds (made of awesome)

Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan (Andrew Wickliffe)

Mujeres en refrigeradores (Ayax)

My thoughts on recent controversies. (Kalinara)

Red Sonja: WTF?????????????? (Occasional Superheroine)

Why do the guys keep thinking they need to tell the "little ladies" how to behave? (McBangle)

I'm back in the saddle girl, so go get your feet in those stirrups! (Rational Mad Man)

Iron Tigers. (Cheryl Lynn)

I Get Letters... (Zhinxy)

Storm's "New Look" (Val D'Orazio/Occasional Superheroine)

Absolutely not (Ami Angelwings)

Here Ya Go (Ororo)

My interpretation of that "Justice League" image (McBangle)

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