Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23rd, 2007

You Want Sexism in Comics? I'll Give You Sexism in Comics! (Mad Thinker Scott)

A Few of My Favorite Guns (Laura Hudson) (Comments)

Semi-annual, semi-comic-related feminist ramblings (Brainfreeze)

Tigra would be jealous: Graeme gets brave, and bold, from 10/17. (Graeme McMillan)

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But... (Mickle)

Creepy (Stand-Up Comic)

Donna Troy: Hussy! (Typolad)

What do J.K. Rowling, David Chase and Brian Bendis have in common? Is there a place for New Criticism in pop culture? (Scott Cederlund)

You might want to wash that first (Dirk Deppey)

If It Please the Court... (Kalinara)

Giant-Size Misogyny Adventures (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

Is This Gratuitous: X-Men #204 (Heidi Meeley)

The Killing Joke (Fox in the Stars)

Betty says… (Dirk Deppey)

Could I point out, once more, that boobs don't work that way? (McBangle)

I don't mind Judd Winick (McBangle)

Some Musings On The Nature Of Chicks In Genre Fiction (Paris Battle)

Imagine That. (Ororo)

Why I can't buy more. (Jamie Jeans)

Pink= Gurrrlz (Tintin P)

1958 (Thene)

Yaoi fangirls: Where's the girl love? (Wendy Withers)

More Thoughts About JLA #14 (Rob Staeger)

A good blog about the downside of sexualizing a character in an image. (Diana Cameron McQueen)

Power Girls, Cyber Show Down and Justice League’s Unlimited Disappointment (Charles Wisniowski)

The Fanboy Guide to Girls • Part 2 (Michael Davis)

Bad-ass women (Wendy Withers)

The Online Comic Book Feminist Hive-Mind Must Be Destroyed (Big Mike)

Wonder Woman Day II - October 28th (Heidi MacDonald)

Oh, thank God that someone's thinking of the women in comics. (Kevin Church)


Scott (The Mad Thinker) Anderson said...

Not that I'm complaining, but I was surprised to see 2 things of mine here that I believe were both posted before, one way back in May. You did some digging for that one!

What's up?

Ragnell said...

Your feed must be updating erratically.