Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24th, 2007

Time for...Love? (Dorian Wright)

Pull List Review for October 17, 2007 (Michael Hutchinson)

Untitled (mechanicaljewel)

Feeling Mixed Emotions: Catwoman #72 (Heidi Meeley)

More thoughts on WW (McBangle)

Joe’s back and more confused than ever (Funnybook Babylon Podcast)

Show #57 - September 14 (I Read Comics Podcast)

For Future Reference (Ragnell)

Slide show revealing the horror of the male-centric world of advertising. (Diana Cameron McQueen)

Orpheus Rising (David Brothers) (Comments)

An "Alternate" View (doc_destructo)

WiR: Way, way more than OYL (deep_play)

Comics (Iamza)

How (Not) To Fight Sexism In Comics (The Master Cylinder)

Untitled (come not between the nazg├╗l & his prey.)

Round Up . . . of Rage (Ororo)

Untitled (Philippos Fourty-Two)

Common sense does not exist in comic book fandom (thekamisama) (Comments)

Gender and Fan Culture (Round Twenty): James Nadeau and Alice "Kestrell" Verlager (fandebate_mod)

Batwoman to get her own series? (Addressunknown)

Good Deeds and Wonder Woman (Brenda Almeyda/Trickster)

I love Cerebus! (Bigcerebusfan)

Ya know, I'm suddenly glad Whedon's script got denied... (deathquaker)

Minus the Gaze (Dee)

A Broadside from Jen! (Jennifer-Oksana)

After the Revolution, There Will Be No Comics (Noah Berlatsky)

I submitted this as an assignment. Dear gods. (argylebutterfly)

Moments in Green Lantern History #4: Hal's gals (Sea_of_Green)

Comic Book Character Spotlight - The Hood (Kirk Warren)

Misogyny Gun (thecomicaztec)

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