Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26th

Hey, DC Direct? (Zhinxy)

Why I'm not upset about Big Barda dying (Sleestak)

Untitled (Caleb)

New comics 10/17/07 (Tom Bondurant)

It wasn't all just a dream (FBOFW) (Jennifer the Chaos Queen)

X-Men First Class: Vol 3 #1 (Stand-Up Comic)

The Super-Blogger From Krypton? (The Fortress Keeper)

10+ Hottest Women Supervillians/Bad Girl Comic Characters (Fanboy)

Just curious... (Sinyaa)

Show #58 - Oct 19 (I Read Comics Podcast)


Where did the misuse of Tigra first begin? (Avi Green)


Selling with the Sexy (Stephen Dann)

Comics Of The Weak: Commodore 64's Vs. Iron Man (Tucker Stone)

Spoilish question for folks who are familiar with the New Gods [Spoilers] (Brainfreeze)

I haven't commented on "Death of the New Gods #1" because... (SPOILERS!) (McBangle)

The focused totality of my psychic powers: Graeme finishes off 10/17. (Graeme McMillan)

Who Really Sucks, Woman or Robinov...? (Swinebread)

Miss Fury (The Plotting Muses)

I Feel so Special (SallyP)

Anything at all (Addressunknown)

You Know, We Do This in Real Life Too... (Brenda Almeyda/Trickster)

Baaaaaned from the SBC. (Rational Mad Man)

Because This Adams Pic Of Tigra Made Me Think "Tigra Looks A Little Elfquest-ish There"... (Zhinxy)

Wonder Woman and friends (Michael May)

Quick Critiques - Oct. 24, 2007 (Don MacPherson)

Seven sentences about five cartoons (Comics Curmudgeon Comment Section)

PPA NorMin intensifies anti-human trafficking campaign (Glenrose)

Tackling a Legend (Worstblogever)

Late Review: Blue Beetle #20 (Hotandcold)

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