Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 26-28th

Wedding of the- Oh, Who Are We Kidding?

Feast and Famine

Official Call for Submissions: 3rd Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Things discovered at SDCC: DC Comics has at least one complete douchebag working for them.

Superhero Comics

Top Five Brother/Sister Super Villain Duos

Red Sonja #11

Miscellaneous thoughts: A couple I liked

Josh's tribute to chunky Jewish girls

Amateur Art Appreciation: The Light That Never Shined

Battle of the sexists sexes — ’70s-style!

The New Donna Troy?

You didn't take the spam thing seriously, did you? This, though, has some thinky stuff: Terra. Yay.

My my, how far we've come...

Spotlight on Gail Simone

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Tangential)

SDCC '06: The DC's Big Three

Battle of the Comic-Book Babes '06: Feisty Foursome

The Black Panel At Comic Con International (also known as Geek Vegas)

That you had to say it speaks volumes in itself

more about the Black Panel

Mainstream Comics Lose...2

Mainstream Comics Lose...3

Welcome To My Nightmare

LinkBlogging Women: Supergirl and Black Panther

Comic Entry -- Interesting Website...

Hawkman, Master Of Romance

Show #34 - July 26

Pilgrimage before work

Read This: Castle Waiting

Comic-Con Wrap-Up

Studies In Emerald

Whose Goddamn Title Is It Anyway?

FUCK COMICS: I may just throw up.

What I Bought, 27 July 2006; plus catching up on last week's books

Podcast Grant

Who Wants to be a Superhero [Spoilers] (Tangential)

The Week in Ink: 7-26-06 (Tarot Review)

Wizard Coming!

T-shirts, my Wednesday, some incredibly brief reviews, and stamps.

Spidey 3's Women Talk

Looking Back

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