Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 14-16th

The quick and easy guide to not writing stereotypes

Friday Night at the Internet: It's rampant stupid for dinner!

Ladies, are you using your uterus?

Attack wombs at the ready!

Rescue Me: The Vamp

SDCC Meetup!

SDCC: Friends of Lulu; Hall blogathon

Women in Comics Signing

Leave it to Hal

Girl Fuck 2005

DCU: Brave New World

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Misogyny: What it means, how to spell it, and other comic wank.

William Moulton Marston Was Not A Feminist

brief wonder woman bits:

Yes, I have breasts, yes, I read comics, and yes, I have heard of Birds of Prey.

I don't read Power Girl.

COMICS - Should Superman be with Wonder Woman or Lois Lane or...?

Why Reginald Hudlin Should Never Be Allowed Near the DC Universe

Taking control ...

It's Mr. Graves World- We Just Live In It!

IGN: Digging a Deeper Hole, One Slice of Cheesecake at a Time

Bunty Annual 1978: or, Katherine has a geekgasm

The comics legacy of Bettie Page

Randy Reviews July 13

Joe Quesada, head of Marvel, is a MORON

Fanboy Returns


Perhaps one...

Quesada Steps in It Again

What Quesada’s Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome Says About Comics

Lots Of Linky Goodness Yum Yum - 7/15

Definitely not in Kansas

Snark: Sex Sells

[Frank Miller Memorial Case] Vote for Losers Here!

Random Ramblings: Flaws and Past Perspectives

Right. A Question That May Offend.

Picture this: A novel approach

Celebrity Q&A: Rosario Dawson

Too ‘Weenie’ To Deal With All Of This ‘Girl’ Stuff”: Women, Comics, and the Classroom

A Lost Princess of Mars?


This Again

Random Panel: Jade and What Army?

Women and Writers and Women Writers

Firebird aka La Espirita aka Smokin' Hot Babe

Comic Book Review: Superman #654

The Time-Honored Game of Nerd Superiority

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