Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 11th

Respect the Cock, Woman

"The Monster Who Loved Lois Lane!"


Second Call for Submissions!

They should have sent a hacker.

I blame feminism

Comics for "your girlfriend"

"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..."

Why No, We're Not Particularly Sexist, Why Do You Ask?

Exercise in Egotism: What I Want From Kara Zor-El

Say What?: Battle of the Sex(ists)es

Feature Articles I Hate, Episode Nine

On the Shelves: 7/10/06

Episode 21

Graphic Novel Review: Alan Moore's Lost Girls

Machiko Hasegawa, grandmother of manga

Now This Is My Kind Of Invader From Mars... (Looks like a legitimate and huge Teen Titans Spoiler)

Why It Pays to Check My Blogroll...

Pirates of the Caribbean (I'm going to spoil your fun) (Tangential)

ScatterThoughts: The Books Of July 6th

DC Direct JLA Action Figures: Flash and Green Lantern

Speaking of Covers... Wonder Woman 184 is Spectacular!

oh, ew (Supergirl Spoilers)

Sharing your fandom

What About the Female Superheroes? Part 3

What About the Female Superheroes? Conclusion

Comics For Your Girlfriend
(Slight JLA Spoilers)

And the Meltzerization of Wonder Woman begins: (Slight JLA and Wonder Woman Spoilers)

Comic books for your girlfriend


Author? Author.

Comments on Comics Confusion: A Mister Fanboy Comics Commentary About Younger Readers

Valerie's First Yaoi -- A Heartwarming Tale

Sunday comics: Sexy older lady edition

Strangers in Paradise #81: A Medical Review

…for Superhero’s girlfriends.

Older, but still relevant


Dan Coyle said...

My first reaction to "The Meltzeriation of Wonder Woman begins" is- he's overreacting. But if Meltzer's track record is any indication, he's prescient.

I love the person who cited Jack and Bobby as proof he wasn't a misogynist. Only someone who didn't see the freakish monster of a mother Christine Lahti played each week would think that.

Andrew Burton said...

The "Say What?: Battle of the Sex(ists)es" link is broken.

Fanboy said...

Thanks for linking over to my site. I wasn't aware of yours but now I am. Good job.