Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 19-22


JLA: Golden Perfect (10th TPB, 2003), Part 1 [Spoilers]

More Random Musings and some 52 Opinions.

Random Musings.. and where is Wonder Woman?

Gender-Based LinkBlogging

Isn’t the Green Lantern concept inherently Feminist?

Fool’s Gold

Congratulations, Karen

Tokyopop Manga Grants Girl’s Wish

Dooooooom!! Dooooooom!!

52 on 52 #11

Boogie Emerald Nights

Bad, Brad Meltzer! Bad!

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #20 Review

Contest? What contest...Oops!

"...Our main lady, whom I will call, Diana...."

Catwoman/Squirrel Girl

Namor appeases a fool.

Too Easy.

Unpopular Opinion: Why the Dick/Barbara couple doesn't work for me

Lara Croft Will be Back in 2007

Lois Lane

Top Five Captain America Girlfriends

Newsflash! Rosario Dawson likes JTHM!

2006 Friends of Lulu Award Winners

Gender Reassignment Challenge: Black Canary To Black Eagle

Talking Comics: Super heroines or streetwalkers? Also, why Baltimore beats San Diego, and "My Name is Earl."

Going out on a limb

All Things Being Equal


And Women Aren't Interested In Politics. That's Why There's Never Been A Female USA President.

San Diego

Early Morning Observations

Reviews From The Scary Pile On My Desk: Wonder Woman #1, Ion #1-3, Flash #1, Atom #1, Jonah Hex #8-9, Supergirl #7

Linkarama -- the "Everybody I Know Is In San Diego This Week...Except Me! (sniff)" Edition

Ditto and Awards

WW to be Daily Planet Photographer....

The All-New Atom

Way to disappoint me, people.

More SDCC Goodness

When Fangirls Attack

McCloud: ‘We’re starting to get the kids back’

Three Is A Magic Number

Super powers & unsuper relationships

Rewind: Why Are Superheroes Super-Clueless In Matters Of The Heart?

Day 1 Party Poop

Frank Miller to write, direct THE SPIRIT


Comic-Con 2006: Willingham on Fables

Wonder Woman in JLA

I am Shocked

Because I'm not paying for a MeFi membership

52 Week 11: "Batwoman Begins"

Grr. Argh. This is my ranty face.

Bomb Queen Vol. 1 Review

The Super-Traitor From Krypton?

Comic Reviews and a Long-Suppressed Batwoman Rant

And the weblog lives up to its name for once

Comic Book Review: Justice League of America #0

*falls over*

Nothing New Under The Sun

Women in Comics

Karen Healey wants to help you

soyo's grand adventures in a heteronormative society!

Comics & movies

Kyle Rayner kills more women than cancer.

girl power = gayness


Mild-mannered won't cut it

Why the Hell–?

Great Article!

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