Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19th

(Sorry about the sporadic updates and monster lists. We haven't stopped compiling, but things have been hectic enough for Kalinara and I that posting every day has been difficult. We'll get back on a daily schedule as soon as we can. -- Ragnell.)

Joe Quesada Doesn’t Like Women

"Comic Shops are a dieing bread"

Decoding Wonder Woman

Rosario Dawson - Geek

What he said

Wish I had a local comic shop...

Daughters of the Dragon: Exploitation or Celebration?

Oh, what might have been.

Top Five Best Storm Costumes

Superman Redux (Movie Spoilers)

One possible partial defense of Joss

This is what happens when you don't clean the space-fridge often enough (Green Lantern Spoilers)

[Wiscon] Academic Papers, Saturday morning

character love thingy

Random Ridiculous Realization

HURT COMICS: Ken Lowery Wins My Internets!

A tribute to Dublin's comics shops

Reason #876 that I hate Green Lanterns

I know what I said about not doing Solicitation Day anymore.

Is Joss Whedon feminist enough?


Sunday night weekend update....


You have two options: girly-girl or lesbian.

Comic Con Fan: Goth Girl

Battle of the Comic-Book Babes '06

Because I [heart] Snark

Katy Keene and Archie Comics

Superman Returns, Disappoints, May Disappear Again and Take His Friends With Him

Comic Con Fan: Furry Unicorn Man with Guitar

Cassandra Cain: Batgirl

Monday Misogyny

The obligatory post about Power Girl's boobs

Wednesday Morning Follow-up


It Should be on Screen: Daughters of the Dragon

JSA Classified: cheesecake with personality

Bad Doctor Week: Harleen Quinzel

Kevin Smith on girl nerds


Lying In The Gutters Vol 2, Col 61

Bat or Bust

Well, that's it then...

Squirrel Girl at War

Bad Doctor Week: Karla Sofen

Speaking of babymaking

Breeding = 'superpower', apparently.

You are Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Unmasked

Superman and Wonder Woman, sitting in a tree...

Random thoughts for Tuesday

Dear Dan Didio: Shut the fuck up.

Our peculiar Mr. Marston

A Distinct Lack Of Shouting.

Alan Moore's "Lost Girls" Linkarama

Second Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

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