Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10th

Saved From Obscurity and Comic Book Oblivion

Badass week at the ISB

Kids, clothes, and costumes


Not so brave, not so new

Fangirl Rampage #13: Melanie Barnes

Pointy Dog Theatre: Bitey Goes Shopping.

The "Extremity" Of Gay Superheroes

'Twas Marketing Killed the Son of Krypton

What's The Buzz, Cuz?

San Diego Con

Masters of American Comics

Reviews From The Scary Pile On My Desk -- 7/8

Jimmy Olsen's Guide to Life

Opinions about Professional Opinions
Didio and the Batgirls

In defense of Joey Q

"We don't have women creators because...because!"

Oh, look!

Responding to this
This may be the most retarded thing ever written on the internet

"Y: The Last Man" is the new "Strangers in Paradise"

Benefit of the Doubt

More “Girlfriend List” Idiocy


How To Get Your Girlfriend Into Your Fandom (Is also discussed in comments here and here)

So I read this, linked to by the inestimable When Fangirls Attack, and immediately started chewing on my keyboard.

Whoa. Hello, feminist rage.

I will never be this incoherent again

Yes, no, maybe?

I am a little o_O at this.

IGN: Stupid is as syndicated stereotyping does

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Read Comics (Older, Slightly Tangential, but still in response to that kind of post)


Marionette said...

Beau Smith's piece has prompted me to go look up a couple of the comics he lists, but in response to his comment about Ronna: Beauty, Brains, and Bullets #1
Do you really need any more reason to buy this other than the cover?
I have to say, yes, Beau, if I want cheesecake photos I wouldn't be buying a comic book.

Ragnell said...

I don't know, I'd have to say I much prefer a writer who's upfront about enjoying cheesecake but writes strong capable women who actually get to be strong and capable to a writer who says and does all the right things but can't follow through in the script.

As long as he keeps Wynnona Earp up to snuff, his column really bother me. Just happened to be topical this time.