Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching up, Part One: Akira, Anne Rice, Batgirls, Oracle, & Blue Beetle


'AKIRA' Live-Action Film Dead, Chris Weston's Bike Redesign Lost to the Ages

Nevermind, Live-Action 'AKIRA' Movie Still Happening with 'Unknown' Director

Akira movie update

Reports of Akira‘s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Live-Action Akira Remake Is Dead. Long Live, Live-Action Akira Remake.

Akira movie updatey

Anne Rice Comics:

Rice's 'Interview with the Vampire' Goes Graphic

Ashley Marie Witter: Bringing Ann Rice’s Vampires to Life

Batgirls & Oracle:

Batgirl Rises

So, Steph…

Cassandra Cain is the Best Comic Character


*sigh* I admit, I have not read the entire "Gail, Jill & Babs" article on Newsarama.

Archive post

She’s a more seasoned and nuanced character because she’s not in a wheelchair?

Batgirl to keep Oracle backstory in DC relaunch

DC’s racefail, featuring Cass Cain

Frank Miller Owns Batman: “thank you. i love you.”

“Spoiler Was Gonna Die” – Inside The DC Writer Meeting That Killed Stephanie Brown

Give Batgirl The Chair by Eric Glover

Some Math on Barbara Gordon as Batgirl

Batgirl Can Walk Again; What's The Big Deal?

Batgirl and the Big, Gay Wheelchair

Dan Didio says Stephanie Brown is in the DCnU

Dan Didio says Stephanie Brown is in the DCnU

A Paralysis of Ethics: Batgirl and Disability Invisibility

That cover to Batgirl #2 - is Barbara Gordon being “deaged”?

Characters who don’t have disabilities are more seasoned and nuanced! You heard it here first!

DC writer talks about killing Stephanie Brown in War Games: “it was really seedy”

TV Guide first look at Lee’s Babs/Batgirl: “she’s in full health”

Didio and Lee on the DCnU: “Barbara Gordon was always going to be the strongest Batgirl”

Facebook page highlights strength of Barbara Gordon as Oracle

More DCnU news from the DC Road show; updates on Batgirl (s)!

Retailer FAQ reveals transition of Barbara Gordon to Batgirl

Quick, someone give me $10,000; Original TV Batgirl costume up for auction

Batgirl Year One: new interview with Beatty and Dixon

Dear DC Comics,

This post is called “Nev has quit DC and has anime and manga instead and is a happier person”

Things We Saw Today: A New Shot of Batgirl

Quote of the day | DC on Barbara Gordon, Batgirl and continuity

Batgirl: Silent Running

Would you accept this Oracle substitute?

Batgirl #23 Play-by-Play

also as predicted my LCS guy gave me Red Robin and I was too shy to say no

I’m not opposed to her losing a fight- if someone outthinks her, has superpowers, augmentation whatever a multitude of options

Yeah Dylan did not always do a fabulous job writing Cass (and Babs) but he DID do some really good issues

I love Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

My name is Eric Glover, and I believe that Barbara’s not broken because you already fixed her.

Blue Beetle:

Bedard: DCnU BLUE BEETLE, 'Spider-Man Meets Green Lantern'

Damn you DC! Bedard’s Blue Beetle sounds terrific

Best DCnU Interview To-Date: Tony Bedard on Blue Beetle

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