Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching Up, Part Five: Nancy Silberkleit, Lois Lane, other media, & more

Nancy Silberkleit:

Lady CEO Of Archie Comics Accused Of Shouting About Penises

Archie Comics Sues Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit for Sexual Harassment

TMZ: Archie Comics co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit liked to yell out words for genitalia

TMZ: Archie Filed Legal Papers Against Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit

Archie Attempts to Oust Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

TMZ: Archie Comics co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit liked to yell out words for genitalia

Report: Archie Comics sues Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit

Lois Lane & Supermarriage:

False: Lois Lane is a typical damsel in distress.

Lois Lane Verse

Thoughts on the Super-Marriage Officially Being Erased

Lois Lane Watch for the week of July 20th

Superman Loses Lois Lane, Flight and Two Sets of Parents in DC Relaunch

Superman: no parents, no wife, no flying, no costume

Except Lois and Clark were already engaged in the comics before Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman had even began to air.

Rewriting the history of the supermarriage by rewriting the history of the supermarriage

Mary H.K. Choi on the Super Powers of Lois Lane

DC: “Lois Lane is dating a colleague at the DAILY PLANET (and his name isn’t Clark Kent) and she has a new position with the paper.”

More info on Lois’ new job

Review: Flashpoint Lois Lane And The Resistance

The End of the Super Marriage is Big News

SDCC ’11 | Lois Lane’s new boyfriend revealed [Updated]

I’m on Team Lois

Superman Gets Super-Cuckolded: A Look at Lois Lane's New Boyfriend, Jonathan Carroll

Meet Lois Lane’s new boyfriend in Superman #1

Superman #1 Lois’ new boyfriend - readable pages

Drawing Crazy Patterns – You Could be Lois Lane’s Twin!


Help bring back the Secret Six!

Comics, Marketing, and Me

Not Strictly Comics:

Where the Boys Are Not: Does the lack of men in publishing hurt the industry?

Why I Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

From a queer slasher: FUCK YOU.

It's not because you're pretty...

On this ridiculous Harry Potter v. Twilight debate

Agency and ladies in fiction

things that still baffle me everyday

Dogs and Smurfs

Rambling thoughts on ATLA and Legend of Korra

I think that what may possibly be my favorite thing about the Legend of Korra
In praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series

How Not To Eliminate Sexism At Your Battlefield 3 LAN: Ban Women

British MP Calls Attention to the Scourge of “Pink and Princessy” Girls on TV

Dragon Age Anime Feature Releases First Artwork — Of a Female Protagonist?

Joss Whedon Talks Avengers, Female Characters, and Machoness

Sigourney Weaver: “Every Woman You See Has a Secret Action Heroine in Her”

The Ol’ Switcheroo: A Consideration of Gender-Bending in Geek Culture

Form Follows Function: Dressing Your Video Game Characters, and Other Concerns

Canadian LGBT Gamers March in Toronto

20 Reasons to Be Excited About Brave (As If You Weren’t Already)

Mass Effect brings diversity vote to fans


Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett


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