Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching Up, Part Six: Raina Telgemeier, Race, Ethnicity & PoCs in Comics, Sailor Moon, & more

Raina Telgemeier:

Raina Telgemeier announces Drama!

Raina Telgemeier follows Smile with Drama

Raina Telgemeier’s Smile Followup Called Drama

Race, Ethnicity, & PoCs in Comics:

DC’s racefail, featuring Cass Cain

On Gender & Race In "Fear Itself" # 4 & "Flashpoint" # 3 :- "Don't Say That's Just For White Boys."

In case you weren’t aware of the fact that Connor isn’t 100% white.

Bryan Lee O’Malley Takes Next Graphic Novel To Villard

Eric Wallace on MR. TERRIFIC

BlackJack Returns With Your Support

PBS Looks Into Comics’ Racial History

The Problems Of Not Being Male Or White In Comics Crossovers

Civil War Webcomic Freedman Follows Former Slave

Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Lost Adventures

'Mythomania': Derek Kirk Kim's Live-Action Cartoonists [Video]

Read this: O'Malley, Takekuma, and Aihara mega-interview!

Dustin Nguyen

Characters of Colour in superhero comics - the men (part 5)

Man this discussion of non-Japanese PoC in manga gives me a lot of new titles I want to try!

Bits and Bytes: June 29, 2011

Characters of Colour in superhero comics - the men (part three)

Characters of Colour in superhero comics - the X (wo)men

Characters of Colour in non superhero Comics


Black Superheroes On The Web

Black Age of Comics Convention XIV: July 8-10, 2011

Blade Anime Opening

Black Dynamite Tease Coming Soon

Sailor Moon:

My “Sailor Moon and Chibimoon’s birthday” tag


Awww 3.

I think it’s important here that the misandry/straw feminism was shown

Yeah, there are issues all over the place here

Could really do without the fatphobia

It’s kind of hilarious how Chibiusa isn’t like “but men are all right”

Oh hey are they giving her her Japanese name this time around

Is Sailor Moon poised for a comeback?

To be completely fair, in the manga both Usagi and Chibiusa kissed Mamoru and Helios respectively when they were unconcious as well (to wake them up using magic though) in deliberate reversal of the trope


Adoring Supergirl

Back Issue: Supergirl #24

Interview with Supergirl Writers

October Solicits

Supergirl comics through August 2011

Newsarama interview with SUPERGIRL writers Mike Johnson and Michael Green

Tell DC to send Supergirl to high school

A female centric DC project that will pay off for a long time

Supergirl #66

Fables #107

Superman #712 & Sharif:

Kittens or Keffiyehs? The truth behind Superman #712

Superman #712 Not Changed Over Muslim Content. But Over Kitten Content.

What’s missing from SUPERMAN #712?

Why Did DC Cancel Superman's Team-Up with a Muslim Hero?

What’s missing from SUPERMAN #712?

"things are so passionate, times are so real"


Sharif encounter

DC cancels Superman’s team-up with Muslim superhero

DC says Superman canned due to kitten love; what would DC do to Wonder Woman?

Superman with Cats: You Will Believe a Man Can Haz Kittens

Superman #713 Published Despite 'Controversial' Kitten-Rescuing Content

DC Shows That Superman LOVES America And Doesn’t Associate With Muslims, So Please Nobody Say Anything Bad About DC

Quoted: Comics Alliance on DC Comics Benching A Muslim Superhero

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